The Retailing Mix of The Walt Disney Co.

     Disney's retailing mix which includes the six P's (product, place, promotion, price, presentation, and personnel) couldn't be used anymore efficiently. It's product assortment definitely offers the width aspect, which refers to the variety of products offered but unfortunately does not offer the depth aspect, which is the number of different brands offered given that it is a specialty store. It's placed in malls and super centers in urban areas surrounded by average income families. Disney promotes these stores really well by advertising upcoming events such as "Join Disney Store for a Roaring Storytime" and "Disney Store Halloween Dress Rehearsal Party" as well as other public relations through their website:, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google. The pricing in these stores are moderate due to their target market being average income families.

     As of 2010, nearly the entire Disney Store chain was given a complete makeover with their new  motto "The Best 30 Minutes of a Child's Day" making presentation their number one priority. According to Paul Gainer, Senior Vice President of Disney Store North America, they focused on creating that magical experience for a child in the store, and the entire family. There is now a pixie path that navigates shoppers through the store and into different neighborhoods, such as the Princess neighborhood, a Cars neighborhood or the Toy Story neighborhood.

     In the Princess neighborhood, for example, a child can wave a Cinderella wand at the magic mirror, and Cinderella appears in the mirror. Boys can enter the Cars neighborhood and can customize and build their own car in the store. One of the key store experiences is the Disney Theater, a designated space with a 12 feet curved screen, and a kind of a jumbo iPod device that allows children to select what they see on the screen. He also states that there are many different touchpoints and experiences that allow children to connect with their favorite characters.

     Last but not least the personnel is completely friendly and helpful. Disney Stores have lots of employees to assist their customers but not too much to make you feel smothered. The staff gives off an energetic vibe which is perfect for children, while at the same time being very understanding which is good for the parent. Overall they provide great customer service, although their suggestion selling can get quite annoying, us customers have to realize that they are just trying to do their job.